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Aerospace Inspection Training Ltd holds ISO 9001-2008 accreditation as a PCN Test Centre, and is an experienced UK National Aerospace NDT Board and BINDT Approved Level 3 Outside Agency for the administration of qualification examinations for employer based certification.

PCN is operated as a subsidiary company of the British Institute of Non-destructive Testing and is an approved certification body to EN 45013. The PCN Scheme conforms to a number of standards for the qualification of NDT personnel including ISO 9712 and EN473. Entry to PCN examination requires training and experience according to published guidelines.

PCN is a comprehensive scheme divided into levels, sectors and methods. The aerospace sector has special requirements and this is reflected in the specially tailored NDT personnel certification scheme that is recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Candidates for certification have to demonstrate experience in performance of NDT tasks in the aerospace sector, possess technical knowledge of aerospace products and be familiar with the application of NDT in the aerospace industry. Certification is available in five methods at Levels 2 and 3. For Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Testing, certification is available in aerospace materials and components. For Ultrasonic, Eddy Current and Radiographic Testing, aerospace structures is available as an additional category to materials and components.

Under the ‘Employer Based’ system, the certification of your personnel is usually performed in response to your customer, governments, or code requirements. It is also performed to develop your business and protect you against possible legal liability, because certification implies that NDT personnel are properly qualified.

Certification is usually performed according to one or more of the following documents:

SNT-TC-1A * EN 4179 * NAS 410 * BAE SYSTEMS RO5-6267 * Airbus A1083

In these schemes it is the responsibility of the employer to produce and implement a ‘Written Practice’ detailing the process of training, experience, examination and certification of their NDT personnel. Companies that adopt this approach may wish to employ the services of an Outside Agency Level III to administer their examinations. The AIT Examiners, who are all centrally qualified at Level III, provide this service and can also assist with the preparation and production of a written practice tailored to your company. We have a 10 working day results reporting time average for all examinations.

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